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Natalia Tref - Nezemnaya MUSIC VIDEO

In the last week of February we had the fortune to create the music video clip for the first song of Natalia Tref's debut album 'Nezemnaya'. The direct translation of the song name is 'Out of this world', the look and feel of which we were excited on creating, to the rhythm of such a catchy and energetic song. From 2015 Natalia has been elevating her cover group 'Moskvichka' across Moscow, but has always envisioned singing, writing and producing her own songs.

Despite having a truly wonderful production with 10 locations over 3 days, the challenges of it appeared from the very start.

As we were waking up at 4:30am of Day 1 - heavy rainfall was all we could hear. Cloudy skies, puddles and rain were the complete opposite, of what the planned sunny and energetic music video had to emphasize. Having done our preparation, by 8am we were ready to film the street scenes just as the warm weather forecast had finally presented itself. Next were the mesmerizing almond groves of the Limnatis village, which annually hosts the 'Blossoming Almond Trees Festival' that would take place the following week. Running through the picturesque, lush green fields was the colourful conclusion to a day full of determination.

Day 2 was dedicated to our indoor locations. Columbia Beach with it's welcoming bar and stunning view of the sea, was an ideal place for Natalia and Andrey to first see each other. The positive surprises for Natalia continued when we arrived to Aelia Wellnes Retreat. The unique interior design of Aelia was overwhelmingly beautiful and thus matching the spectacular looks that Loizos Sofokleous and Stacie Vanelli had prepared for Natalia. As you can judge from the final photo, gloomy weather was not a factor to deter us from filming a sunny walk-through, at the entrance of the spa resort.

Day 3 was the Dancing Day! Arriving at the break of dawn to Ledras st. of Nicosia, we were able to keep pesky pedestrians out of the camera view, whilst the workers of local shops and cafes looked inquisitively at the unfolding spectacle. Kiki Economou created a vibrant dancehall choreography which Natalia learnt in a matter of days and performed wearing high heels. It was very impressive to watch how the ladies executed each of their moves with passion and precision. Having finished with our three 'nature' locations outside Nicosia, the windmills at Agia Anna was all we had left. Our final challenge presented itself in the form of annual military training taking place at our desired location. Adamantly we made our way up the rocky roads of the neighboring hill, to reach the alternative windmills that we have considered from before. As though smiling, the sun beamed through the clouds and illuminated the 'Out-of-this World' look we were so eager to capture. Having promised that she'll be back to our sunny island soon, Natalia gave us all a big hug and left to catch her flight back home that evening. We are absolutely looking forward to working again with the talented and positive Natalia Tref - who truly is, Out of this world!

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3


Natalia Tref


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